Geely Panda Revealed As The Latest EV City Car In China

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The Panda is a brand-new electric car that Geely has unveiled. The Geely Panda, which was discovered in a collection of images from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is a cute square car that measures just 3,065mm long, 1,522mm wide, 1,600mm tall, and includes a 2,015mm wheelbase.

According to local media, it has a 40-horsepower electric motor and a small Gotion Hi-Tech lithium iron phosphate battery.

Geely's Geometry brand will be used for sales of the Panda.

Geely Panda

There are many interesting creases and indents on the body, especially those on the front quarter panels and doors. The headlight bezel and the rose gold trim between them enhance the styling.

There hasn't been a release of an interior image yet. Panda is also supported by a small set of four-spoke wheels. When Geely begins selling the Panda is unknown.

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