Geely Galaxy's Electrifying Expansion: A Closer Look at the E5

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In March, Geely Galaxy revealed its inaugural all-electric SUV dubbed the "E5." This recent unveiling emerged in the latest batch of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announcements, and it anticipates hitting the market in May, boasting an estimated price range spanning from $20,700 to $27,600. The E5 stands as Geely Galaxy's fourth addition to its lineup, joining the ranks of the L7, L6, and E8 models.

Geely Galaxy E5

Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, the design ethos behind the Geely Galaxy E5 seeks to capture the essence of light and the natural rhythms of the universe. Currently, reports indicate that both left and right-hand drive iterations are undergoing simultaneous development and testing, signaling intentions for international exportation. Positioned as a compact SUV, the dimensions of the Geely Galaxy E5 measure 4615/1901/1670 mm, with a wheelbase spanning 2750 mm.

Under the hood, power emanates from the InfiMotion-manufactured electric motor model TZ184XY101, boasting a robust maximum power output of 217 hp. This powertrain is seamlessly coupled with lithium iron phosphate battery packs sourced from SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Although comprehensive details regarding battery specifications and range remain undisclosed at present.

According to the declaration specifications, the Geely Galaxy E5 presents a variety of optional features, including a choice between front bumpers, rear radar systems, black external mirrors, headlights, black brand logos, assorted styles of front windshields, black decorative strips adorning window frames, luggage racks, rims, front radar installations, and sunroof designs. Additionally, buyers have the liberty to select between two tire options: 225/55R18 and 235/50R19.

Geely Galaxy

In a strategic move, Geely CEO Gan Jiayue announced on February 19 the intention to unveil three new energy vehicles under the Geely Galaxy umbrella this year, comprising one plug-in hybrid model and two all-electric variants. Speculation suggests that the plug-in hybrid model may materialize as the Geely Galaxy L5, poised for a second-quarter launch this year. Notably, the brand experienced a surge in sales during March, selling 10,185 vehicles—an 11.7% increase compared to the previous month. This marked an upward trend, contributing to Geely Galaxy's cumulative sales of 38,528 vehicles from January to March of this year.

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