GAC Trumpchi Unveils Exclusive Lunar New Year Editions of E8, ES9, and E9 Models

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GAC Trumpchi, the renowned Chinese automaker headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, has recently introduced special Lunar New Year editions for three of its popular models: the E8, ES9, and E9. These limited editions boast a range of exterior enhancements, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and celebrating the festive season in style.

With its impressive sales figures for 2023, GAC continues to solidify its position as a leading player in both traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and new energy vehicles (NEVs). Last year alone, GAC Motor achieved sales of 406,505 vehicles, underscoring its growing influence and appeal among consumers.

GAC Trumpchi E8

The GAC Trumpchi E8 New Year Edition, priced at 235,800 yuan (approximately 33,100 USD), showcases a revamped exterior design featuring a distinctive trapezoidal front grille, adorned with a five-layer chrome decoration, and segmented headlights. The side profile is accentuated by a dynamic "Z"-shaped waistline, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. Powered by a 2.0L plug-in hybrid system, the GAC E8 delivers impressive performance with a maximum power output of 103 kW and torque of 180 Nm. With a pure electric range of 150 km and a comprehensive range of 1200 km, it offers both efficiency and versatility for urban and long-distance driving.

GAC Trumpchi ES9

Moving on to the GAC Trumpchi ES9 New Year Edition, priced at 259,800 yuan (approximately 36,500 USD), this model boasts the striking "Dragon Scale Wing" design, characterized by a bold grille and sharp headlights. With dimensions of 5015/1950/1780 mm (L/W/H) and a wheelbase of 2920 mm, it exudes a commanding presence on the road. Equipped with a GAC 2.0T hybrid engine and a 25.57 kWh battery pack, the ES9 offers a mixed range of 1215 km and a pure electric range of 143 km. Furthermore, it supports various charging options, including fast charging, slow charging, external discharge, and in-car power supply, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users.

GAC Trumpchi E9

Lastly, the GAC Trumpchi E9 New Year Edition, priced at 352,800 yuan (approximately 49,500 USD), stands out with its luxurious brown interior and premium features. Boasting 4-way adjustable headrests for the first-row seats and a 15.6-inch entertainment system, it offers a comfortable and entertaining driving experience for occupants. Under the hood, the E9 is powered by GAC's self-developed 2.0TM hybrid engine, delivering impressive performance with a power output of 140 kW and torque of 330 Nm. The electric motor further enhances its capabilities, contributing to a combined power output of 274 kW and torque of 630 Nm. With a 25.57 kWh battery pack, the E9 achieves a CLTC pure electric range of 136 km and a WLTC energy consumption of 6.05 L/100 km, ensuring efficiency and eco-friendliness on every journey. Additionally, the E9 is equipped with advanced features such as SDC electromagnetic suspension, three driving modes, and three energy modes, providing a customizable driving experience tailored to individual preferences.

In summary, the exclusive Lunar New Year editions of the GAC Trumpchi E8, ES9, and E9 models represent a blend of innovation, luxury, and performance, offering consumers a unique opportunity to celebrate the festive season in style while enjoying the latest advancements in automotive technology.

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