Front Wheel Hub Bolt Issue Caused GM Recall Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon

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General Motors (GM) has initiated a recall of specific 2023 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon models in the United States due to potential issues with the front wheel hub bolts. According to GM's recall notice, there is concern that these bolts may have been excessively tightened during the assembly process. An oversight in implementing an assembly change allowed a contractor at the factory responsible for assembling these pickups to over-tighten the bolts during installation. Although GM has not specified the extent of the over-tightening, it warns that this could have resulted in deformation of the bolts, increasing the risk of them loosening over time.

If a front wheel hub bolt were to break, it could exert excessive pressure on the remaining bolts, potentially leading to a partial loss of vehicle control. Drivers may detect signs of a damaged bolt, such as unusual noises or vibrations emanating from the front wheel hub.

GMC Canyon

The issue came to GM's attention on November 17, 2023, when an engineer at GM's assembly plant discovered signs of deformation on four front wheel hub bolts in Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles. This discovery coincided with a recent torque strategy change for the bolt installation process. Following this finding, GM launched an investigation into the matter on January 5, 2024.

GM has stated that there have been no reported field incidents or customer complaints related to this issue. The recall affects a small number of vehicles in the United States, with only 17 vehicles impacted. Among these, 14 are Chevrolet Colorado models from the 2023 model year manufactured between February 2, 2023, and November 16, 2023, while three are GMC Canyon models assembled from March 3, 2023, to March 28, 2023.

As a precautionary measure, dealerships have been instructed to replace the left and front wheel hub bolts with new ones to address the potential safety concern.

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