Foxconn Unveils Its Electric Cars, Actually Its iPhones Beneath

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As the reports earlier revealed, Apple company is really keen on getting involve in the automotive industry. It took it chance by producing an electric car. Although this company looked for powerful alias, but not many wanted t cooperate with it. So, the result is here! Apple didn’t give up and by the hands of the Foxconn Technology Group, it seems they made it.

Foxconn is not a company that you hear its name every day, although it’s the real power of Apple. This Taiwanian giant Technology Group with help of Yulon Motor Co Ltd introduced now just three electric cars once. The Foxconn Model C, Model E, and Model T.

Just to make clarification, the platform of Model Cand Model T was used by Ford for two of the brand’s first production vehicles. Model E is a bit purer. By 2023, we could see these electric vehicles first in Taiwan, and if they have enough luck, they go abroad too. Hon Hai Motor really is eager to be “a global next-generation automotive manufacturer”.

These tree vehicles are in different categories. The Model C is a compact crossover, the model E is a Sedan which will cooperate with Pininfarina, and the last one Model T is an Electric Bus. Foxconn, as the manufacturer of iPhone just bought the ruins of Lordstown Motors startup in the United States. It’s the place that they would assemble the cars. Actually, the Taiwanese has the chip plant itself too.

Asking about detailed information now is useless. However, this company respect the audience and revealed the expectations. The crossover could hit 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and goes for 700 km. the Model E sedan would have 750 hp as output and accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. That’s all we know for now.

Maybe you can’t see the bitten Apple on the logo now, but these vehicles are now the closest thing that we can call as Apple cars.

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