Fordzilla P1 Hypercar Concept, Has Came Out Of Computer Games

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It seems that gamers have occupied the reality world. The proof is the new concept from Ford. For the first time, the new concept of ford, the Virtual Fordzilla P1 was seen on the popular racing game Assetto Corsa. So, Ford showed its respect to gaming lovers and now unveiled its new concept of this Racing Car.

Fordzilla Hypercar Concept

This new car, Fordzilla P1, is from many aspects, much interesting. For modelling the digital concept, no engineer has done the work also virtually. No one has seen the others face to face. The result of this effort, is a life-size model with the dimensions of 4,731mm long, 2,000mm wide and just 895mm tall. This concept has the same aggressive look as its virtual mode has. Also, the monocoque and front ends has the same curves like the GT90.

Location:Fordzilla Hypercar Concept

unlike the other concepts, which are just structure and incomplete car inside, the interior of this Fordzilla is almost full. The bucket seats, LED notification lights and a bespoke steering wheel with an integrated screen, which Ford says enables live data exchange with the car’s pit crew, are already installed to in the car. don’t forget the AFK massage. That means when the seat is vacant, you can see the massage “Away from Keyboard” on the passengers footwell.

fordzilla hypercar concept

Also, by growing world of gaming and virtual word, Ford has invested on the gaming field too. This is Fords Strategy for coming Years. Jim Farley, the President and Chief Operating Officer says:

We’re not in a lot of forms of racing now, intentionally, but we invested heavily in the likes of Ken Block, producing media for enthusiasts. And I believe the virtual world is the most important area for us to develop new thinking that applies to our production vehicles

The project of Fodzilla P1 could open a new world to the motorsport community. Although P1 has not yet have a powertrain, but for sure this car would operate just like the Godzilla in the gaming world to satisfy the gamers too.

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