Fiat Reduces The Production Of Fiat 500, Battery Shortage

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It seems that finding some batteries for the Fiat is becoming hard. Say, why? This company has announced that they will reduce the production of the all-electric Fiat 500 from 300 units to 210 per day, as this automaker has some problems with battery supplement.

From 19th of April, this EV will be produced just in single shift instead of two shifts. This company Italian metalworkers’ federation has emphasized, that not because of the costumer lakage, but it’s because of battery lackage. This Fiat is one of the favorite electric cars in Italia.

Just with a very brief answer “difficulties with battery supply”, company has closed the case. As this company uses Samsung SDI cells in the electric 500, it is unknown if the problem is few cells, or the bottleneck is in the assembly of the modules and ready-to-install packs.

The other site of reducing production, concerns the workers. It seems Fiat has handled this problem too! Ferdinando Uliano, national secretary of Fim Cisl said:

“The start of production of the electric 500 at the beginning of 2021 was not robust enough to support and guarantee the extension of the 160 temporary workers with a January deadline who were hired last October.”

This Fiat is now available with two different battery sizes. In 2020 March it was introduced with a 42 kWh battery, with a standard range of 320 Kilometers. And after that, in October, Fiat revealed the base model “Action” with a 23.8 kWh battery, which can just feed the car just for 180 kilometers. Then 3+1 body version (with an additional door on the passenger side) with 42 kWh battery.

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