EPA To Rate 2021 Polestar 2 Driving Range Below Tesla Model 3

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EPA officially rated the 2021 Polestar 2’s driving range of 375 km per charge. This number puts the Polestar 2 below its main rival Tesla Model 3.

The automaker was expecting Polestar 2 to score the driving range of 442 km by EPA but turned out to be the wrong prediction. While Polestar 2 can travel 375 km per single charge, Tesla Model 3 can travel up to 402 km per charge.

EPA also has rated the Polestar 2’s fuel efficiency at 2.5 l/100km.

Polestar 2

Polestar 2 is built on the CMA platform shared with the Volvo XC40 crossover. It uses dual electric motors with a combined output of 408 hp and 660 nm. Polestar 2 can hit 100 kph in less than 5 seconds which is again not as fast as the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

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