eBussy Modular EV Introduced With Fully Modular Platform

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ٍElectric Brands is a German company and introduced its first production model called eBussy. The eBussy is a fully electric car build on the fully modular platform. The modular structure allows the company to transform the platform into a minivan, pickup truck or etc. as the company claimed, the platform can be transformed into more than 10 different body styles.

eBussy benefits from a drive-by-wire technology mean that there is no mechanical connection for the steering wheel or pedals. This feature allowed them to change the steering wheel and pedals position.


The eBussy uses an in-hub electric motor with 20 hp and 1000 nm of torque. There are two battery options for eBussy. The first one is a 10 kWh battery with 200 km of driving range and the second one is a 30 kWh that offers 600 km of driving range.


There should be no worry about eBussys small horsepower because it only weighs about 450 to 600 kg which is surprisingly light for an electric vehicle. There are solar panels on the roof also to help charging the battery pack.

eBussy Modular Price

The automaker will sell eBussy with a starting price of $18k to $33k.

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October 24, 2022

When will you sell these in the United States of America?