Daimler And Linde Shakes Hand To Build Refueling Technology

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The war of a green future earth is getting step by step more seriously. We have seen some news about the new inventions. Now its time for the Mercedes Maker, Daimler to show its Ace. Daimler Truck AG signed an agreement with Linde to develop the next generation of liquid-hydrogen refueling technology which will be not just more compact, also has more energy.

These two companies focus on “sLH2 technology”. By this new innovation, the storage density would increase so the refueling process will speed up and moreover the energy efficiency will increase. If they could develop this technology the boil-off effects and “return gas” (gas from the vehicle’s tank returning to the filling station) will be at it minimize. Also, as the ambient pressure level is higher, more hydrogen mass can fit in the tank.

Dailmer Truck AG

Sven Ennerst, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG for Development expected:

We at Daimler Truck AG are pursuing the vision of the CO2-neutral transportation of the future. The hydrogen-based fuel cell is a key technology of strategic importance in this context

Just in September 2020, Daimler Truck AG, Celebrated the truck Mercedes Benz GenH2 Truck. By this new fuel was tested on the truck with more than 1,000 kilometer range and company hopes till 2023 the GenH2 Truck will be a common vehicle. As there is Liquid energy Hydrogen, the vehicle’s series version performance is planned to equal that of a comparable conventional diesel truck.

For moving the gas around county, as the energy carrier has a far higher energy density in relation to volume than gaseous hydrogen. As a result, the tanks of a fuel-cell truck using liquid hydrogen are much smaller and, due to the lower pressure, significantly lighter.

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