Custom R nine T-Based Chopper

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Since the R nineT was first presented to us by the House of Munich, hundreds of unique reinterpretations have appeared all around the world. From futuristic streetfighter to exquisite cafe racer, the Bavarian has been converted into almost anything.

Because such a conversion takes so much effort, it's better to start with something like a R 18 in the first place.

This would undoubtedly be the ideal course of action, but Nigel Petrie of Engineered To Slide was looking for a true challenge. Metalwork is the Australian's major area of competence, and he's worked on a number of two-wheeled projects over the years.

Nothing, however, better exemplifies this man's remarkable manufacturing abilities than his handmade BMW R nineT chopper.

It all began in 2019 when Petrie obtained a brand-new Racer model from the Motorrad family. The rear brake mechanism, gearbox, and 1,170cc boxer-twin engine remained in the Beemer, but everything else was quickly jettisoned.

The Australian artisan then set about creating the cleanest Chromoly skeleton we've ever seen. Nigel's frame is hardtail in the back, with an interesting suspension configuration in the front.

Moving on to the wheels, Petrie enlisted the help of the professionals at Vintage Rims Australia to create a stylish set that measures 22 inches in front and 18 inches in back. The front wheel was fitted with a vintage Firestone tire designed for the Ford Model T.

Other notable features include a Racemaster drag slick from the M&H catalog, a one-of-a-kind titanium exhaust, Nigel's replacement of the R nineT's ECU and fuel injection, handmade billet aluminum carbs, and Morris Magneto's vintage ignition hardware.

Finally, the cockpit features a one-of-a-kind handlebar with an aftermarket throttle, but no levers are visible. Because the clutch and rear brake are controlled via pedals mounted behind the footpegs, the front end is kept as tidy as possible.

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