Citroen Ami, The Two Seated EV, Comes In England

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In the time that in middle east big SUVs are so popular, Europe is trying to pull its population to the small, affordable and also environmentally friendly Urban cars. One of these cars is Ami. These two seated electric cars, is the Urban car of Citroen. Maybe the look is not very usual, but its very cute. This car found its way to UK and seems to become popular.

In 2020, the French Automaker revealed its vehicle. One aspect of designing such a car, is being affordable. And Ami is affordable. Its costs just £6000 in French. By using home chargers, you can easily charge its battery, and go around the city for 43 miles. That’s not a luxury car but good for going to work or shopping.

citroen ami electric urban car

Although Ami was never designed for England, but as followers showed their love to this little vehicle, managers changed the plan. Eurig Druce, as firm’s managing director couldn’t say no to the fans, also he told:

“It’s not just a vehicle with a following, either; the Ami embodies one view we have of future transport, around affordability and usability. Selling it here gets those values across in a way that no marketing campaign ever could.”

This cars size is just 1390mm width and 2410mm length. For the UK sale as its going to be right-handed drive, some changes like the charging plug for a Type 2 fitting, plus headlight adjustments and calibration to miles per hour are needed. The top speed to go around London is 28 mph. Also driving this car, is just like driving a real car so you need a full license, but in some other European countries, even a 14-year-old teenager can drive it.

citroen ami electric car

The sale price for UK is not specified, but it shouldn’t be expensive, while companies’ philosophy is to keep make Ami affordable. This vehicle, in a short time became very popular, as 80% of its 9000 customers to date have been new to Citroën, and that 50% had bought the car without ever visiting a dealership. That’s a good success.

By the good responses from market, Citroen increased the number of Ami’s in UK to 14,000 units. And customers can make a deposit with just £250 which is refundable. Also, thanks to the Six Citroën-made graphics, (Jungle, Tutti Frutti, British Globetrotter, Camo, Tribe and Trendy) customers can make their cars very customized. Using decorative graphics and images are allowed.

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