Chery Introduces QQ Ice Cream, Is Just A Copied Version Of Mini SUV?

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Chinese recently has the biggest part of the auto industry. Chery as one of these automakers, has revealed some nice, cute, but copied electric vehicle. That is QQ Ice Cream which just looks like the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. Even when QQ was introduced for the first time, GM made an accuse against Chery for copying the Daewoo Matiz in 2003.

The Mini EV made a big success as one of the urban cars, so why Chery can take advantage of the name and make just alike car. If this guess be correct, the QQ Ice Cream should have many specifications like the Mini. The 12-inches wheels with 145/70 R12 tires can be one of them. Although this company puts its very compact car in the SUV categories, just in case of petite world that can be a SUV.

chery qq ice cream

From 24th of August customers of the great wall can make their reservation for this new Urban EV. This company yet released no technical information about new QQ. But what we have on the Mini EV is 2.92 m long, 1.62 m tall, 1.49 m wide, and a wheelbase of 1.94 m. there is enough room for four people to seat in.

The battery packs could be varying for the Mini EV. If the largest pack is used, the weight can reach to 705-kg. this battery pack has 13.9 kWh of power and goes for 170-km. the entry-level which is a battery pack of 9.3 kWh and 120-km range, weighs 665. All the data are for Mini EV, so maybe Chery comes up with some thing new, to stop the rumors. (I doubt so!)

Till now we just have an Ice Cream with the SUV decoration, which is not definitely a SUV. The low-quality marketing could have negative effect and drops the sales too low.

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