Checklist For Car Maintenance

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You must properly maintain your car if you want it to continue operating well. Any car needs adequate maintenance, regardless of brand, segment, or price. We're going to look at a checklist that will help you if you want to take care of your automobile here on By the length of each control, the maintenance checklist can be divided into categories.

Car Maintenance

Immediate Checks

The first and most important thing to check is the Check Engine light on your cluster. This light appears when there is a problem with the working of the engine or a fault in the sensors.

Other things that you have to check the car immediately include Tire Pressure Light, headlights and taillights, and wiper blades.

Checklist For Car Maintenance

Monthly Checks

Monthly checks include engine oil, coolant and antifreeze level, and windshield wiper fluid.

air filter

Items Need To Be Checked Every 3 Months Or 5,000 Km

These items are automatic transmission fluid, battery cables, engine air filter, hoses, hydraulic power steering fluid, tire pressure, tire condition, and belts. Note that the latter include a timing belt and alternator belt. It is also a good idea to inspect the exhaust system so if there is any leak or damage you would need to visit a repair shop.


Items Need To Be Checked Every 8,000 Km Checklist

We have talked about the engine oil service in the past and as you know its interval depends on the type of your car and the condition of use as well but on average it is a good idea to change the engine oil and oil filter before 8,000 km.

Tire rotation is another thing to do every 8,000 km. before doing a tire rotation make sure that you have read the user manual.


Items Need To Be Checked Every 6 Months Or 10,000 Km

These items include chassis lubrication, steering, and suspension inspection, exterior polishing in order to protect the body finish, and replacing wiper blades.


Items Need To Be Checked Yearly Or 20,000 Km

Do not forget to check the whole braking system once a year. This check must include brake fluid, rotors, lining, and brake pads. Other yearly maintenance includes cabin air filter and coolant replacement.

spark plugs

The fuel filter usually needs to be replaced every two years. Depending on your engine type you also need to change the timing belt every 60,000 to 100,000 km. last but not least are the spark plugs which usually need a replacement every 50,000 km. this interval can also vary depending on the engine and spark plug type.

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