Chaos From Greece, The Greek Chaos UltraCar Is The First Of Its Category, Comes In November

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These days, cars not any more cars, they are getting upgraded to new levels. We have seen supercars, hypercars, what we have here is ultracar. Spyros Panopoulos Automotive or SP Automotive, the Greek automaker wants to be the first one who introduces a car with 3,000 hp of output. The Chaos from Greece should’ve come in 2022 and debuted in Geneva Motor Show, but as the show is canceled, company blessed us with amazing teaser.

greek chaos ultracar

This dream born in 2019, so Greek Chaos started the project fast. The goal was "To create the fastest and more technologically advanced production car in the world. A masterpiece of technological innovation manufactured in the most unique way."

The teaser is really worth the time you spend watching it. every important detail that makes this car an ultracar is on sight. No aluminum for body, we can see a number of fiber products like Zylon, carbon Fiber, Kevlar to build up vehicle. Titanium in components with complex structure which can help reducing weight and also keep it strong enough. And also, inconal exhaust system.

greek chaos ultra car

Apart from the body and structure, the technical of the engine is also impressive. Greek Chaos didn’t make it too detailed but we know now this car has a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V10 that puts out either 2,000 horsepower in its basic configuration. But the maximum output is 3,000 horsepower at 12,000 rpm. In 1.8 seconds, car reaches to 100 km/h and can hit 500 km/h with no troubles.

greek chaos ultracar

If your jaw is on the floor, just pick it up and be ready for the second shock. About the price tag, SP Automotive for each unit of these ultracar specified a 5.5 million euros price tag as the starting price. Just 100 numbers of them will be built and also if you want to have the car with 3,000 hp output you should pay 12.4 million euros. Every year from now just 15-20 cars will be produced.

The first of the November we are witnesses of the first ultracar ever produced.

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