By August 2021, MIC Tesla Motors Hits The Out Lands Markets

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Maybe Tesla is an American automaker, but many of these car’s marques have never seen the homeland. Actually, the main responsibly for the export versions of Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is on the China’s shoulders. China Passenger Car Association (CPCA)'s data reveals the fact that, Tesla made in China has reached to the 275% of the production all times.

Made in China (MIC) is the state we see under almost any things. Tesla, is also one of them. As the statistics revealed by CPCA, comparing the year over year, the units sold has boomed. About 44,264 units. That means 1,000 Model Y every day. But still BYD as a powerful company is ahead of Tesla (60,000 units.)

While this company has exported most of its cars, the local market hasn’t seen enough Model Y or Model 3 in it. the progress was just 9% compering with last year. The request for Tesla is eventually high in China and Tesla should improve its strategy. By the third quarter of year, the local demand gets higher. Tesla by introducing the Standard Range version of Model Y, made people thirstier.

In August, this automaker exported about 31,379 cars. This high number is such a record for EV world. Siac exported just 4,074 while BYDs rate was at 781, and Aiways is at 103.its not clear which model of tesla had bigger portion of the sale rate, but as Tesla Model Y is very popular, maybe we know the answer already. Tesla Model Y sold 11,576 units and Model 3 just ,309 units.

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