BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Collector Edition Goes To Japanese Market

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However it is individual to be had for a partial time, BMW offers Japan a special thing. There is a Gran Coupe Collector edition 8 of the series, that the company announced most recent week, which is only sold at the end of June in the country. Although all the updates are visually of nature and leave the six online alone, BMW builds the special four-door coupe with the 840i-Gran coupe with the M-Sport Package.

Color & Price

The registered trademark of the special edition is a subtle of chromium, which are used inside and outside. BMW limits external color decisions to four paints like blue dancer, a bright blue; Dravite Gray, a beautiful gray; Red Aventurine, an intense red; and Black Azurite, Special Individual color of BMW. Azurite Black is a premium color option which costs an additional 210,000 ¥ (1926 USD on the basis of current exchange rates) over the price of 15.1 million Collector ¥ (138 549 USD). And the other visual update is the M-Light Chrome-Bi-Color Metal wheels.

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe In Japan

No interior picture provided, this is how BMW wants. But the company promises the Collector Sports Ivory Blank BMW edition of individual full leather Merino leather seats, a Alcantara roof lining and a sports seat. Also, it has a combination of colors that contrasts with the color of the outer body. The ignition of the BMW 840i Gran Coupe is the 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo, which produces 335 HP (249 kilowatts) and the 369 pounds (500 nm).

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

There is no answer from BMW that how much Gran Coupe's large-series collector edition can be contacted, although the company puts it in a "limited edition model". In Japan, it is available online and approved for BMW sellers. An extra design Gran Coupé of the 8 series, is given by the package, although the lack of performance updates is a bit disappointing. But there is a higher power models that BMW offers and when it perform, you see the one you search it. The edition of BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Collector focuses a little more in style.

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