Big Surprise Of McLaren, Sabre Is Already Debuted

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In the era that every one gets busy with the debuts and advertisement campaigns; McLaren does its creation away from the spotlights. The 2021 McLaren is already debuted without any gossips by the Beverly Hills McLaren dealership. This beautiful hyper car is on the market but not for everyone and everywhere.

Recently there were some spy shots of the 2021 McLaren Sabre. This fact has revealed that maybe this unique supercar is on its way to the market. So as it is checked with the company, this news was confirmed. This actually a real, real customized car. just 15 people from around the world has the chance and of course money to have one of Sabre’s.

McLaren Sabre hypercar

Color Play

As said before there are just 15 of McLaren Sabre. So, the customers should have to the opportunely to build up their very own design, of course the color combination I mean. Eventually there is no better combination of Red and white to express the aggressive and the same time friendly feelings.

McLaren Sabre


There were some Rumors that Sabre would have a 1,000 hp hybrid powertrain. But now we see that McLaren preferred the simple twin-turbocharged V8 with no electric motor. This engine will produce 824 hp power and also delivered 800 Nm of torque to wheels. This engine is actually the most powerful pure combustion engine of McLaren. This hyper car has the top speed of 218 mph.

For now, there is not much more information for this car. but it is brightly clear, that costs huge amount of money. And more important the 15 cars are already sold out and even more, the first one was delivered to the buyer. The others too would be delivered soon in just some months.

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