Big Crash Of Grosjean Managed on F1 Races

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Formula 1 races, the most popular car race’s around world is coming to its end for the 2021. This year was a very hard day for every one in cladding the motorsports because of the corona virus pandemic. It is actually rush days and as the same time a very hard time for the F1 drivers. We just saw the incredibly Romain Grosjean escape from the depth of the fire.

just three weeks till the end of the 2021 F1 season all the drivers and teams are in Bahrain for the next three more races on the calendar scheduled for December. Lewis Hamilton has had a very strong start and secured his places also its co-team drivers has the 2nd and 3rd position. Also, the Haas Ferrari team should start the next race on the position 18th and 19th. Although technology and regulations are employed to make the F1 races safer than ever, seeing some crashes is always predictable. This time it happened for the Romain Grosjean. Grosjean, this French driver at it latest drive in Bahrain tried to overtake the pack in front, but just slightly misjudged Daniil Kvyat's position, and shortly after making contact, he was catapulted into the barriers at turn 3, and his Haas F1 was immediately engulfed in flames.

It was his luck that there were trained people near by to control the flame and of course even the customs designer. He was just some injuries on the hand. Also, such a thing happened to the most F1 drivers.

By the way, as adrenaline is high drivers though see the dust and what they offer the address is Bahrain.

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