Audi S3 Acceleration & Top Speed Test Video

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The new 2021 Audi S3 sport hatchback has recently revealed. This car is equipped with a 306-horsepower (228-kilowatt) 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which makes this car a special hatchback. For the first time Automann-TV has challenged the Audi S3 acceleration performance under the standstill and a 100-km/h (62-mph) roll situations. The results are impressive.

Audi S3 Acceleration and top speed test

It is very usual that companies exaggerate about the performance of their cars. Audi is not an exception. This company claims that S3 can hit 100 km per hour (0-62 mph) in just 4.8 seconds. Surprisingly, this number was exactly right. As the Automann tested this car under the secure space of a race track situation, the result of acceleration was exactly 4.8 seconds. That’s a good honestly record for Audi.

Audi S3 acceleration and top speed test

After the car was started, driver lead the car in the unrestricted sections of German autobahn for rolling runs of 62 mph - 124 mph (100 km/h - 200 km/h). for this range of speed, the Automaker didn’t give any data to compare, but as the Video shows the time is 1.8 seconds. They also claim that this car is a bit faster than Volkswagen Golf R which they had tested it before. It is interesting because the engine of the Audi S3 has just a bit differ with the VW. Of course, hitting the max speed (250 km/h) is irresistible. So, driver didn’t loos the chance.

Bad News For The U.S.

In the whole, Americans shouldn’t wait for Audi S3 hatchback as this car is not built for the US. But for the lovers of Audi, if they want to drive a S3, they can drive the Sedan model. Newly the firm has confirmed that S3 Sedan will comes to the market in 2022. All the features whether the powertrain or all-wheel-drive grips are the same as the Sportback model. Unfortunately, as it’s the model of 2022, it arrives to the dealerships in 2021. So, if you can’t wait, take a flight to Germany and experience the leisure of driving an Audi S3 hatchback.

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