Atura, The Name Of McLaren’s Upcoming Hybrid Supercar

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Since McLaren has postponed the arrival of its newest supercar, which is actually a hybrid supercar, we have only seen this new beauty with heavy camouflage. We keep imagining its appearance and design and have only “heard” things about its specifications. We know that McLaren’s Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) has been used to build this dreamy model. But now we have a name. A good name, Atura. Learn this name because it is not going to be forgotten.

Fortunately, the teaser gave us some information. We know that Atura is going to be powered through a new electrified V6, not a V8. There is going to be an all new platform as well.

Interestingly, Atura is a name that that most people dislike, except for people in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, China, Netherlands and Canadan. To be honest, Atura is world’s “80.912th most popular name of all time”, according to what had to say. Apparently, McLaren does not care if people like the name or not because it believes this new hybrid supercar is going to be a big break.

McLaren Atura

Maybe the reason behind this name is the company’s departure from the alphanumerical names. Maybe it is going to be feminine opposite of Senna. Thankfully, there is more information than just the unusual name.

Apparently, this new compact twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, which will be paired with an electric motor, is 100 percent emission-free. According to the company itself, this hybrid system’s mass

“has been largely offset by the application of weight-saving technologies throughout the chassis, body and powertrain.”

We should also declare that dear Atura will be available for the first half of the next year.

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