All-New Audi RS3 Sedan Going To Have Checker Flag

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If you like to work and in the same time have fun, you should fill an application form for Audi. These days its engineers and drives are working on new car models which includes RS3 Sedan, in the Ingolstadt-site. As This new RS3 prototype entered the Nürburgring for high-speed test, so many spy photos had been shot.

These photos show that this performance sedan has still a full-body camouflage. In contrast, other pieces are putted in place. Of course, the rear diffuser is still unfinished. The design of headlights and taillights seem to be finished. If you look closer to the lights, we can see some small changes. Although RS3 front light is like the other A3 but not the same. This prototype cars light will feature a checker flag. It seems that company has an intention to do such a small detail. This could be a way to distinguish A3 range of cars by their lights.

Audi RS3 Checker Flag

But its is not just the new light-secret. The real enthusiast is under the hood. It is confirmed that the Audis famous five-cylinder turbo engine has a central place in engine bay. The exact output of this engine is not accurate but we expect that is something around 394-hp (294-kW) and 354 pound-feet (480 Newton-meters) of torque.

Like other A3 sport cars, the power is delivered to the wheels by a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic and a Quattro all-wheel-drive system. By referring to the German media, there is a possibility for Audi to introduce a more powerful Performance version with 444-hp power. by the way this news is confirmed by the firm.

While new A3 Sedan is now out, we guess maybe RS variant could be also ready in the first six month of 2021 to take a step in to the market.

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