All-Electric Nissan Note Officially Introduced With AWD

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Nissan Note is one of the most successful compact cars in the market and today the Japanese automaker launched a new variant of Note, called e-POWERED AWD. The AWD system uses two electric motors to have more traction on slippery tracks.

In the front, there are two electric motors, one for each wheel and there is another one mounted on the rear axle so not only the new Note has more power and traction but its starting also has improved due to better grip. All electric motors support regenerative braking so the new Note can use this function with all wheels.

Nissan Note AWD

Buyers who are not interested in the AWD model still can get an FWD version with a removed rear electric motor. Both models use the second generation of Nissan’s new e-POWER electric powertrain. The new powertrain is optimized to give better acceleration and a better driving experience while it is more efficient than before. The new electric motors are also quieter than before so the cabin of the Note is now more relaxing area for its passengers.

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