ABT High Performance And %40 Lighter Wheels

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People Prefer cars and vehicle with lower masses due to reasons such as higher agility or easier handling. But what is the solution? You can ask ABT Sportsline.


ABT Sportsline has offered High Performance wheels, which are actually up to %40 lighter than regular wheels. The technology has been developed by the group in order to please the drivers who want the maximum performance as well as the stylish looks on their car. Right now, the series include ABT High Performance HR, GR and last but not least, ER-F. In order to develop this useful technology in the models mentioned, some special and unique methods and materials have been used.


The flowforming technology comes with similar benefits to forging innovation. The innovation helped the ABT High Performance HR to be as light as possible. The special material density, helps decreasing the thickness of wall.

Thanks to ABT Sportsline innovation, now the lightweight 22 and 23-inch wheels are not far fetched dreams for the ABT High Performance. While moving, the wheels are pretty stable. The dark smoke color was chosen to add to the beauty and appeal.

The ABT High Performance GR, is forged with 20-inch wheels and built with 23-inch ones. The smaller version’s color is called black magic. On the other hand, the bigger version is painted in glossy black or matt black.

The ABT High Performance ER-F, is the definition of an excellent balance between lightness and stability. It weighs less than 9 kg. It is almost %35 lighter than ER-C, with 19-inch rim. This one is available with the black magic color as well.

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