578-HP Avatr 12 Launched In China, Specs And Pricing Details Are Available

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In 2018, Nio and Changan New Energy founded Avatr for the first time. Nio eventually broke away from the JV for budgetary reasons. It was superseded in the joint project by CATL. CATL has more than 17% of the shares, with Changan owning 40%. The various investment funds own the remaining portion. Huawei is the principal provider for this project. As of right now, Avatr offers two different model options: the recently introduced 12 hatchback and the 11 SUV. China saw the release of the Changan, Huawei, and CATL electric hatchback, the Avatr 12.


Avatr 12

Bi-leveled running lights with integrated high beams are a feature of the Avatr 12. The Avatr 12 lacks a rear windshield from the rear. Rather, it features a massive sunroof that functions as a rear glass. Rearview mirrors can be substituted with cameras as an option.

Its measurements are 5020 mm in length, 1999 mm in width, 1460 mm in height, and 3020 mm in wheelbase. Eight matte and glossy exterior colors are offered.

Inside The Cabin

Avatr 12 ev

The Avatr 12 boasts a massive screen inside that extends past the central console. It has a 35.4-inch diameter. It also features a 15.6-inch touchscreen that runs on the HarmonyOS 4 operating system. In addition, the Avatr 12 features 64-color ambient lighting and 27 speakers. Moreover, it features a small, octagonal steering wheel with a gear shifter located behind it. Should you have opted for side view cameras, two additional 6.7-inch monitors will be provided.

There are two wireless charging pads and a secret box in the center tunnel. Nappa leather envelops the seats. The Avatr 12's front seats include a 114-degree tilt mechanism. They have an eight-point massage function, ventilation, and heating.


Three LiDAR sensors are part of the sophisticated self-driving technology of the Avatr 12. Both urban and highway smart navigation features are supported. It denotes that the vehicle is self-sufficient. All the driver needs to do is select the location and keep a close eye on the road.


Avatr ev

The Avatr 12, developed on the CHN platform by Changan, Huawei, and CATL, features a chassis with air suspension that can be raised by 45 mm for enhanced comfort. Additionally, it is equipped with a CDC active damping system. The powertrain of the Avatr 12 offers two options: RWD with 313 hp, 370 Nm torque, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 6.7 seconds, powered by a 94.5-kWh CATL’s NMC battery for a range of 700 km CLTC; or 4WD with 578 hp, 650 Nm torque, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.9 seconds, also powered by a 94.5-kWh CATL’s NMC battery for a range of 650 km CLTC.


Avatr 12 sedan

There are three trim levels for the Avatr 12: Luxury RWD, Performance 4WD, and GT 4WD. The price of the Performance 4WD trim is 46,750 USD, the Luxury RWD is 41,265 USD, and the GT 4WD is 54,985 USD. The CDC system and air suspension are standard on the GT variant. It also features electrically operated doors, R21 wheels with Brembo brakes, and a self-dimming sunroof.

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