2021 Subaru XV Facelift Ready To Enter The European Market

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Subaru is getting ready for the 2021. Although this Japanese company has revealed the Subaru XV in 2017 as the model of 2018, but by giving a facelift to it, tries to find a place for this crossover in the European market. Subaru XV is actually made based on the Impreza model. The facelift of this vehicle, has affected the price tag too.

The England market is waiting for the arrival of the new Subaru XV (of course the facelift of it) in 2021. This vehicle of the year would have the e-Boxer engine with 2.0-liter capacity. In fact, it’s a hybrid engine which borrows its hybrid system from Toyota Prius. And by the demand of buyer, its possible to have an all-wheel-drive Crossover.

Subaru XV facelift 2021

The other things on this Subaru XV facelift as the SE Model, are the LED automatic headlights The Lineartronic continuously variable transmission, high beam assist, 18-inch alloys, heated front seats, 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment, keyless entry, and push-button start are included as well, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone connectivity as standard Items. (very impressive!)

And if you could pay a bit more, you can have a SE Premium. The model has leather seats, eight-way power adjustments for the driver’s seat, satellite navigation, and a sunroof. Also, company improved the comfort and handling too as the coil springs and dampers are UpToDate. The big difference which is on sight is the new shape of front grille. Moreover, the anti-fog lamps have the Bezels and new colors for the body paint in the guise of Horizon Blue and Plasma Yellow.

Subaru XV facelift 2021

Going back to the inside the hood, the e-Boxer powertrain by the assist of SI-Drive system allows the driver to select engine and transmission characteristics depending on the driving scenario. By the Intelligent Mode, it would care of the efficiency. As the X-Mode is selected you should choose the Snow and Dirt mode, which is practical for the slippery surfaces like gravel and Dirt, and Snow and Mud mode for the treacherous road conditions such as deep snow or dirt.


This 2.0-liter boxer car could cost between £31,665 to £33,665. Of course, in this rage of price tags, there are much alternative. But the last decision is just your desire.

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