2021 SAIC Maxus D90 Pro, Safe And Inteligent Off Roader

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SAIC Maxus MAXUS D90 Pro 2021 was introduced on July 15, 2019. With its unique advantages such as hardcore off-road strength, steady driving control performance, and Tencent smart car machine, the new car drew the first Asian footballer in China, Fan Zhiyi, to come to the scene to assist out enthusiastically and become the new car's spokesman.

In terms of visual design, the 2021 SAIC MAXUS D90 Pro inherits the atmospheric and stylish avant-garde look of the SAIC MAXUS D90. The large-size polygonal black grille on the front face is complemented by sharp headlamps, which not only expands the perceived breadth of the front face but also creates a powerful "fierce" atmosphere.

2021 SAIC Maxus D90 Pro

The inside of the car has a driver-centered central control arrangement, a wide amount of soft wrapping, and chrome-plated silver ornamentation, all of which contribute to the car's leather-like feel. The combination of a large-size LCD instrument and a floating touch panel emphasizes the 2021 SAIC MAXUS D90 Pro's technology and fashion. Not only can online audio-visual entertainment, Himalaya FM, and other applications be accomplished with the spider intelligent connection system, but also services like as vehicle start, air conditioning, seat heating, vehicle location, and so on.

SAIC Maxus D90 Pro

Furthermore, the 2021 SAIC MAXUS D90 Pro comes with a sophisticated ADAS advanced driver assistance system. These include FCW front collision warnings on risky routes, AEB active emergency braking to avert danger or to ensure that cars decrease collision losses, BSD blind-spot monitoring real-time monitoring of incoming vehicles, and the rearview mirror will also display when a vehicle approaches. The lift sign warns the motorist to keep an eye out for approaching traffic.

Ultrasonic scanning is utilized in the 2021 SAIC MAXUS D90 Pro equipped with the APA automated parking system to evaluate if the parking position fulfills the vehicle's parking criteria. The 360-degree panoramic view will provide the driver with a comprehensive range of position input, and the car will then execute "difficult" parking tasks such as vertical and side parking.


The intelligence and off-road capability of the SAIC Maxus MAXUS D90 Pro 2021 models have been completely improved. The new automobile has a fundamentally different design, whether it's the spider intelligent joint vehicle system, the all-terrain intelligent four-wheel-drive system, or the mechanical jaw-type rear differential lock. The sex shift becomes an SUV with off-road capabilities, which is in keeping with the youthful you displaying your personality.

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