2021 Roewe RX3 Pro Unveiled With Many Different Details

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Roewe introduced an updated version of the RX3 SUV known as the RX3 PRO. The honeycomb radiator grille in the shape of a dragon is very popular at Roewe at the moment, and this design is very nice on all the big models. But the RX3 PRO has decided not to dance to the tune of the routine.

After getting used to the honeycomb dragon scale design, the sight of the Roewe RX3 PRO is suddenly a bit unpleasant. The grille design of this car uses a horizontal pattern that is a bit like the continuation of the previous "four bar" style, but the actual situation is completely different.

Roewe RX3

The shiny chrome trim is gone and has been replaced with black trim. To say it's all black is not the case, and the interval is dotted with some light chrome trim. The final effect is that the lower lip is larger and more exaggerated, and the front is no longer the previous stable and generous temperament but looks more sporty.

Roewe RX3

The side beltline continues the relatively sharp style, and the black roof rack and spoiler design are refreshing. If the orange trim on the front of the car isn't that noticeable, the orange trim on the side is very eye-catching. With the orange embellishment in the black trim, this RX3 PRO looks very vibrant. The altered shape of the taillights is a real eye-catcher.

The overall layout of the interior of the Roewe RX3 PR0 is basically the same as the old model, but on closer inspection, almost all the details are different. The first is color coordination. Compared to the previous look, the orange color of the interior is much bolder, and the design of the orange border of the central controls runs through the left and right.

As for the materials, the previous leather material has been replaced by multi-material fusion, including the seat back and the ride control center are interspersed with black matte materials, and the seat has a large orange R logo, which is practical and fashionable. The body size data of the Roewe RX3 PRO has not been revealed. According to the on-site estimation, the overall body size should be about the same as the old model.

Roewe RX3 PRO

The body length of more than 4.4 meters can be considered the standard body of a compact SUV, not counting the space in the rear seats. Overkill, but basically adequate for the average family. Overall rear-row visibility is excellent, and the huge panoramic sunroof is rare at this level.

The Roewe RX3 PRO is expected to hit the market in the future. For more information on this car, please see our follow-up report.

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