2020 Audi Sale Rates, It Had Learned Its Lesson

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2020 is passed with all of its hard situations. But Audi under these pressures had not just survives, also leapt its lessen from the first wave od CORONA Pandemic, and by a very accurate managing had delivered 505,583 cars to its customers in just three months of year ending. This number has achieved for the first time in the company history.

Last year Audi delivered a total number of 1,692,773 models. In compare with 2019, it’s not a high number but we also have to consider the world situation. Covid-19 has affected humans living in a very high rate. Many has canceled their order, many because of the wide quarantines, felt in a bad financial situation so they postponed their desire to have a better car. However, Audi had some success in China too. Maybe china was the only market with positive grow.

Hildegard Wortmann, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG reveals us that they had learned their lesson from the first wave of pandemic, so as the result, they came back to cracked market more powerful. One of the Audis Aces were digital sales and service offerings. Audi ended 2020 with most successful quarter-year in the company’s history.

As this company fallows the new policy and is transforming to a sustainable premium mobility, its e-tron model has shined. This successful electric car had a 79.5% increase. This model was not just a successful car in Germany, also in Norway it had the record of e best-selling of all models.

But generally, the market except the china’s market was all the time red. In China, this German company hd sold more than 7.7 just in the las quarter of year. it seems that Chinese really live the Audi A7 whit its 142.1 increase in 2020.in every other markets, Audi couldn’t be the sales without any negatives.

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