Haval H6 2nd Generation Review, China’s Top Crossover

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Haval is a sub brand owned by China’s Great Wall Motors auto maker. The brand was launched back in 2013 and started to be specifically responsible for Crossover and SUV productions. As a Chinese automotive brand Haval is not welcome in most automobile industry advanced countries and markets including Europe and North America. Yet it was offered in African and Central and South American countries along with Middle East.

Haval H6

Replacing Great Wall Pegasus, the first generation Haval H6 was offered in 2011 under Great Wall flag itself. The second generation came out in 2017 bearing the Haval name with a more modern and up to dated design characteristics to better fit the global markets of high-tech modern crossovers.

2021 Haval H6

The second generation Haval H6 is based on shared platform with the first generation but the underpinnings are shared with Great Wall’s WEY VV5 crossover model. The first generation was planned to be kept on production line as a more economical budget choice along the more expensive and modern second generation.

The Haval H6 is produced in two different body styles, the H6/H6 Sport of H6 Coupe. The H6 and H6 Sports are designed in a more wagon shape while the Coupe versions have a slight slope in their roof line toward the back of the vehicle, giving it a more desirable body style. The differences between the wagon and coupe style might not be easily determined but through time when F7X model came out to exactly resemble BMW X6 and Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe, it became somehow clear that the coupe suffix was there for practice.

Interestingly there are two different total production levels are available for some Haval models known as Blue Label and Red Label. They are externally different in design targeting different range of customers. As the names resemble the Blue Labe Haval H6 comes with blue HAVAL logo and the Red Label comes in red.

2017 Haval H6 Review

The Haval H6 is a 5 door compact Crossover SUV currently on assembly lines in Tianjin, China and Rayong, Thailand.

Haval H6 Performance

Second generation Haval H6 comes in three different trim levels: Fashionable, Intelligent and Supreme with total of five different engine options worldwide but based on Haval-Global.com there are two engines offered for the new H6 and both are Inline-4 Turbocharged units. The GW4B15 displaced at 1.5L is rated at 120 hp at 5600 rpm and 206 lb.ft at 1400 to 3000 rpm.

The more powerful 2.0L unit codename GW4C20NT, is rated at 140 hp at 5000 rpm and 250 lb.ft at 2000 to 3200 rpm. Both Euro V engines are mated to a single 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission (7DCT) driving only the front wheels.

What makes Haval H6 to be any different than its other Chinese’s rivals? Based on driving experiences and automotive journals’ assessments, Haval models tend to show a totally different characteristics than their other Chinese counter parts. They are made with higher quality and details due to the brand’s focus only on vehicle productions from SUV segments and nothing else. Haval was one of the very first Chinese auto makers that claimed to be able to pass North American and European standards in order to enter the major, most important car markets in the world. Since then, Haval H6 will only be considered as one of China’s finest crossovers by far.

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