Geely Xing Yue Review, Chinese Definition of Coupe SUV

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The idea of such radical SUV design came in 2007 when BMW first introduced X6 models series as Cope SUV of as it described, Sport Activity Coupe (SAC). The model became so popular immediately, making BMW to offer the smaller version based on X3 platform named the X4. Popularity of Coupe SUVs even forced Mercedes Benz to compete with X6, making it to reveal GLE Coupe.

Geely Xing Yue

The design elements of suck body style is so radical and Chinese were probably saying to themselves why didn’t we copied such vehicles sooner? So there came Geely Xing Yue and Haval F7X both in 2019 as Chinese resemblance of Coupe SUV.

Geely Xing Yue was firs named YF11 changed name to Xing Yue meaning Star in Chinese language. The vehicle is a fastback compact crossover SUV.


Geely Xing Yue is rather a small coupe crossover, 15 centimeters smaller than the X4, based on CMA platform jointly developed with Volvo. Geely Xing Yue comes in three different trim levels named 300T, 35 and 400T.

There are two different engines offered for Geely Xing Yue one is 1.5L Inline-3 direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine which comes is two different hybrid system modes in 300T and 400T trim levels. The system is rated at 187 hp and 221 lb.ft combined for 300T trim level and for the 400T is rated at 255 hp and 306 lb.ft combined.

Geely Xing Yue Interior

The sole 350T trim level is armed with the sole 2.0L Inline-4 turbocharged gasoline engine capable of 235 hp and 258 lb.ft.

There are two automatic transmissions available as well. One 7 speed wet dual clutch and one 8 speed Aisin. The wet DCT goes only with 1.5L 300T and 400T trims while the 350T trims is equipped with 8 speed Aisin automatic.

The 400T trim is the only hybrid version of Geely Xing Yue that can drive only on electric power mode. The range with 37Ah battery pack is about 56Km and with the 51Ah battery pack it can reach 80km of range only on electric mode.

Geely Xing Yue Pricing

Geely Xing Yue is only offered in some non-European/American car markets and therefore the pricing rages offered here is converted from Yuan. Geely Xing Yue is priced based on option and trim level from roughly 19,250 USD to 29,500 USD.

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