2021 Toyota Corolla Review, The Little Hornet

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Toyota Corolla is named one of Toyota’s bestselling models around the world. Just like most Japanese vehicles, Corolla used to be a subcompact sedan suitable for JDM market only. Toyota Corolla was first introduced back in 1966. Production of Corolla was based on a close competition among all JDM carmakers and that is why other rival models such as Nissan Sunny, Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer all were offered close to each other from chronological view point.

2021 Toyota Corolla Rear

Toyota Corolla made way to become best-selling car around the globe in 1974, but its pinnacle was when it surpassed VW Beetle sales record in 1997 becoming the best-selling nameplate in the world. Following the strategies behind Camry’s growth in body size, Toyota Corolla also got bigger in size for global markets and stepped up a segment from subcompact into compact to better meet the taste of people especially in North America.

2021 Toyota Corolla Cabin

Throughout its twelve generation production since the beginning, Toyota Corolla is mostly considered an ugly compact sedan with some economy touches for daily in town uses. But since Toyota started to care more about the design characteristics of its vehicle along with economy performances, Corolla started to catch on just like the Camry. The eleventh generation global market models known with codename E170 started to pop up with more radical design.

2021 Toyota Corolla Performance

The twelfth generation Toyota Corolla is codenamed E210. This new generation with even more radical and distinctive design elements was first unveiled in 2018 and is based on the shared platform with Toyota C-HR, called GA-C platform.

Engine options are rather diverse although they are all economy Inline-4s. Engine choices are from 1.2L to 2.0L gasoline with two hybrid versions available but no diesel is offered. Toyota Corolla in North America comes in seven different trim levels including one Gasoline-electric hybrid.

2021 Toyota Corolla Side

The base trim is equipped with the 1.8L with 139 hp and 126 lb.ft. The more powerful 2.0L engine option is rated at 169 hp and 151 lb.ft which concludes Toyota Corolla’s engine department in North America. The hybrid version Toyota Corolla is also offered with the 1.8L engine.

All trim of Toyota Corolla in North America use the CVT automatic gearbox including the hybrid version with the E-CVT, which means as expected, Toyota Corolla is no performance vehicle and just an everyday family compact car to get from point A to point B spending the minimum budget on price, fuel and maintenance.

Body Style

Sedan is not the only body style for Toyota Corolla E210. This vehicle is also offered in 5 door hatchback and 5 door station wagon as well. Being a compact segment vehicle, Corolla is more exciting as a hatchback. Unfortunately the hatchback and the station wagon versions are not offered all over the world and especially not in North America, but interestingly the hatchback version of Toyota Corolla is known as Toyota Auris in most target countries especially in Europe. But since 2018 the nameplate was discontinued in Europe and substituted simply with Corolla Hatchback.

2021 Toyota Corolla Gearbox

Some eastern market countries still use the Auris nameplate. Powertrain options for Toyota Corolla Hatchback differs based on the target market from 1.2L to 1.8L and 2.0L. The two latter could be ordered as hybrids as well.


Toyota Corolla was given the award “Best Resale Value: Brand” from Kelley Blue Book back in 2019. But starting 2020 IIHS chose Toyota Corolla as one of its “2020 Top Safety Pick” when it is equipped with specific headlights. NHTSA’s safety crash tests led to a “5-Star Overall Safety Rating” for Toyota Corolla the very same year. Green Car Journal of 2020 also picked Toyota Corolla as the “Green Car of the Year.”

2021 Toyota Corolla Price

Exciting low profile design, low emissions, low fuel consumption and low price tag made E210 Toyota Corolla to become the second best-selling sedan from Toyota’s range available in North America right after Toyota Camry. The MSRP range of a 2020 Toyota Corolla starts as low as 19,825 USD for the lowest L Trim and climbs up to 25,725 USD for top of the ladder XSE trim level. Mentioned prices are all before including any options.

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