The Ford GT In Mansory Garage, Just A Bit Million Dollars

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If you like Ford GT, so you will love the one under the name of Mansory. Mansory as a famous car tuner offered so many aftermarket packages on the different kind of cars. Now it is the time for Blue Oval, to have a representative with Mansory Marque on it. This GT not just have aggressive look, but also an extra output too. That worth the name of Mansory.

Le Mansory had a busy year in 2020. We also saw some of its works. Now the current-generation Ford GT enters the Mansory garage to have a stylish package. This is the Blue Oval’s mid-engine supercar. The new color, new length, and new output, all of them are available in GT by Mansory.

As its completely obvious Mansory has eliminate the original paint of GT and replaced it with Black and red, two colors for many sporty cars. The main color is black and then decorated with the red stripes. Also, the logo of Mansory in red on the side skirts and rear wing. The same spectrum was used inside the car too and don’t miss the Mansory on the Alcantara-wrapped side sills.

Mansory Ford GT

It is meaning-less to see a sport car without carbon fiber. So Mansory did the same. The body kit has several parts in Carbon. The Ford GT wider fenders (+ 1.97 inches or 5 centimeters) and comes along with a triple exhaust system and completely new headlights are in the list. This high-performance vehicle is equipped with the custom 21-inch forged wheels and features some wild aero, including dual roof scoops and a massive diffuser.

Inside the hood was under the surgery of this German company too. The twin-turbo 3.5-liter engine, now delivering 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 620 pound-feet (840 Newton-meters). Just for notice, the previous output was about 53 hp less and also the torque is improved about 95 Nm. As the result, this tuned car hits 354 km/h easily.

Mansory Ford GT


And the last topic, the price. This new creature of Mansoty would cost about $2.17M. and with no surprise the first tuned GR has leaved the workshop this week. It would be not the only one. The other ones are also on the way.

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