The 3-Cylinder BMW On Autobahn, Premium Car With Small Engine

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There is no need to have the fastest car, to enjoy driving. The BMW 118i F40 could be also an option. This is actually a film by cars on Autobahn. Its not that bad to test the top speed of the 3-cylender car of BMW.

BMW 118i F40 is not some thig very iconic, but also fair enough for its drivers. Under the hood of this vehicle is the same engine which is on the many Mini cars. Actually, it’s a 1.5 liter 3-cylende engine with the turbocharger. So, the out-put can reach to the 140 horsepower, that’s a high number for a petit engine. Also, it delivers 200 Nm to the wheels. This hatchback weighs just 1290 kg which accelerate to 100 km/h in just 8.0 seconds and hits 213 km/h as the top seep. (still much better than very cars!)

As its could be seen, this vehicle doesn’t need any boost to go to its limits. The driver is convenient and drives it very easily. But the trouble comes when 1-series want to pinch Porsche Cayenne. There is no need to say, who doesn’t need to panic! Porsche can easily put BMW behind and go on its way. By the way, comparing these to cars which are not at all in the same category is total wrong.

There s no winner or loser. Its just about driving. As its very normal to see the hyper cars hit top speeds, lets just try something different.

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