Renault R5 Is Back Again, Under The Skin Of EV Concept

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Renault R5 Is one of the models, which almost every one has a memory of this. This model was very viral in 1970’s. now the French automaker, did a big risk to bring this nostology once again to life. But now, we can see this beloved car, under the skin of Electric Vehicle. Yes! Just in 50 years everything has changed.

Renault R5 concept Ev

This is the Renault R5 hatchback concept which is back with all new and modern technology. This move is done, as Renault has lunched the program “Nouvelle Vague” or New Wave. Renault as a technology company and also services company, never gave up auto building. In this project with last till 2025, R5 is not the only revival. There will be six more fully-electric Vehicles. Company has already sold the tiny Renault Twizy. The other EV which is more famous is the Renault Zeo.

Those years, Renault was known as an economy hatchback. Later as it was equipped with a powerful engine, it has entered the Group B racers. And even with the mid-engine Turbo models, it could eat the Ferraris in the performance criteria alive.

Now we see this Retro again. This is not the same look as before (and of course it wouldn’t be) but company showed their respect to the old model by hacking the logo “5” on it. You will get what you want from the square fog lights. The C-pillar also the new change on it. This two-door concept would bring the same cozy feel as before or not, that’s not matter at all.

Even this prototype won’t go on the production line, this very clever move by Renault worth cherish. But if the EV R5 is real, the hard competition is in front of it. It should compete with Honda E ore Fiat 500 EV or even Tesla models.

Renault R5 EV

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