Renault Kwid Tested by Global NCAP, Only 3 Star Achieved

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Global NCAP recently tested Renault Kwid alongside two other vehicles sold in South Africa. Global NCAP cooperated with AA South Africa for this test.

Renault Kwid which is the cheapest car in the French automakers’ lineup has been tested by the Latin NCAP before and scored 3 stars. Global NCAP tested the car by crashing it into a deformable barrier at 64 km/h.

As a result, Global NCAP stated that the Kwid showed ‘adequate’ and ‘good’ protection for its passengers. The neck protection for both dummies is was also ‘good’ but it showed ‘weak’ protection for the driver’s chest. Global NCAP also noted that the body and footwell structure is ‘unstable’. In the end, Global NCAP rated the Kwid 2 safety stars for adult occupant and 2 safety stars for child occupant.

About the car itself, Renault Kwid is a small hatchback that measures 3,68 m long and 1,58 m wide. In terms of design, it is very similar to Dacia Duster and Dacia Sandero. Under the hood, Renault Kwid uses a 0.8-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with 54 hp and 72 nm of torque or a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 67 hp and 91 nm of torque. Both engines are connected to a 5-speed manual transmission.


The car is available in India from 2015 with a base price of $4,700.

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