Once Again, One BMW In Manhart Workshop, The BMW M2 CS

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It was just some days ago that Manhart, revealed its new project on the BMW X5 but as it is clear, this tuner doesn’t want to let BMW go! This company now has started its new project on another BMW masterwork. Be ready to see the BMW M2 CS with its new Manhartian Name.

Mahnhart MH2 GTR

BMW M2 CS is the sporty model of the BMW M2 but with carbon-ceramic brakes, adaptive suspension, carbon fiber roof, and also the BMW M4 Competition engine. So, this vehicle itself with 444 horsepower output and 550 Nm of Torque. But Manhart wants to take the car to the next level.

manhart mh2 gtr

By the new package of Mahnhart, MH2 GTR, included a carbon-fiber wing at the back and wider carbon-fiber wheel arches. But what goes under the hood is much more interesting. The 3.0-liter inline-six engine has the new output of 600 horsepower and also 830 Nm of torque. How Manhart did the upgrade? The answer is the Turbochargers, intercoolers and the carbon intake system.

mahnhart mh2 gtr

As the importance of exhaust system, Manhart did a great job with it. The new exhaust system is completely stainless steel and the pipes are fitted with 300-cell catalytic converters and four carbon-sheathed 100-mm tailpipes. Also, the computer of this vehicle has not just a new hardware built also the custom engine map has an upgraded transmission that handles all the added oomph.

Moreover, we can see the effort of Manhart on the suspension system. The model is a cooperation with H&R. the kit on the wheels is provided in matte black with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in 255/30 on the steering axle and 295/25 tires at the back.


And the last interesting subject, more modification, means more costs. BMW M2 CS Manhart package costs €18,907 for the entire package, or $22,871 at the current exchange rates.

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