New Teaser From Ford, The Ford F-150 Electric Rolls In Snow

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Winter has arrived. There are in some regions of earth deep in snow. Ford has seen this situation like opportunely and has teased out a new teaser of its too big trucks. Ford F-150 Electric, along Ford Mustang Mach-E are playing around in the white of winter. The teaser Is not long, but long enough to bring us excitement.

You are already familiar with the Ford F-150. This electric truck has more than one year ahead (18 month in more accurate date) to be seen in the market. But it seems that ford can’t stop its self to show off with this big electric truck. Ford has challenged its vehicle in snowy condition, the condition that every electric car owner afraid of. Along this truck, you can see the Mustang Mach-E too. This car it self is also a killer (it had my already killed by its lovely design).

This full of energy teaser don’t gives us much information except the rear suspension. The rear suspension is an independent rear suspension. That can be a great positive point for this E-Truck. Moreover, its very hard to distinguish this electric F-150 from its combustion engine model. Unlike the other electric vehicles, which are fashioned with strip line lights and LEDs, this Ford, although has a different heart, it kept the design of its big bro.

Seeing the teaser for its great filming and music itself is so exciting. What if you see the blue oval design there too, and what if you see the electric versions in the snow just in the worth situation of global warming condition. You know what I’m saying! You can’t see this F150 till 2022.

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