Mercedes-AMG GT 73 With More Than 800 HP Output

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Whose coming around is a new Mercedes-AMG, this time very quiet. But still there were some cameras to make photos. The Mercedes-AMG GT 73 was on the sight of photographers. Its not important that company had hands on it or not, what is important is a new GT.

Its maybe hard to tell with AMG is this vehicle at first glance, but by a closer look we get that’s not differently a regular GT 63. It could be told from the new ducting in the central air intake. The outside intakes also trade horizontal slats for angular ones. other thing which is new, is the material on it. It seems this vehicle has unique lightweight alloy wheels.

What comes next, is the “V8 Biturbo E Performance” on side of the car. before we could see the “V8 Biturbo 4Matic+” . so that’s not differently a 63. Although Mercedes didn’t want to reveal any thig, but these high-quality pictures say there are some thing on the way!

Mercedes-AMG GT 73

What is expected from this sport Car, is a plug-in hybrid powertrain that consists of a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine, an electric motor and a lightweight battery pack. This alike power system on the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT concept was told to have the combined output of 805 PS (600 kW / 816 PS). And under 3 seconds concept could hit 100 km/h of speed.

Othere significant massage of these pictures is the close relationship of Mercedes-AMG and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. About this cooperation, company believes in

“even more in-depth, mutual transfer in the development of future-oriented, electrified technologies for motor racing and for the road.”

Mercedes-AMG Chairman Philipp Schiemer added:

“interpretation of a powerful and efficient hybrid technology for the future road-going models.”

Mercedes-AMG GT 73

This company has tested their electric turbocharger with Formula 1 requirements, under extreme conditions and this turbocharger will be used in the AMG models soon.

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