Mercedes-AMG GLR Is Back With An Electric Heart

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It seems that Mercedes Benz is making its self-ready for the next year. Just there behind the shelves, the R-Class Mercedes is found. By the new report of Carmagazine, after 20 years company wants to give another life to the Mercedes Benz R-Class with electric engine.

Mercedes-AMG R class Facelift

Although Mercedes-AMG GLR wasn’t one of the successful designs of Mercedes, this SUV can become more popular with the electric engine. Moreover, this company is expanding its investments on the electric-vehicles. So, the this claim could become to reality. By the way, the roundy look of car doesn’t have any matches with nowadays fashions. The look needs some upgrades for sure.

Which Electric Engine?

Don’t be shocked from the 1000 hp. This power comes out of the three 250kW motors and also 996 lb-ft of torque is delivered to the wheels. While single-speed direct-drive caters for the front wheels, the rear wheels are kept busy by a two-speed powershift transmission – as pioneered by the Porsche Taycan.


New Mercedes-AMG GLR (or we should name it EQR) has a 105kWh power pack with a 20kWh over boost feature. Sporting liquid-cooled round energy cells, the new graphene-based metal-free AMG batteries are designed for 350kW fast-charging. So, there is no troubles for long range travels and having 7 people on the SUV.

Markus Schäfer the head of R&D believes the future of electric drive belongs to Mercedes. By 2030 half of Mercedes cars are electric. By the way for seeing this electric Mercedes-AMG GLR you should wait till 2025.

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