Manhart New Adventure, The MHX5 800 Versus BMW X5 M

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Manhart is one of the known tuners, specially it is famous for its BMW X3 Project. Now Manhart is working on its new project to make it the flagship of this brand. The car which is going in the Manhart line up is Manhart MHX5 800.

The new SUV inside the Manhart department is Manhart MHX5 800. In fact, it’s a BMW X5 M which this German tuner tries to make it much more aggressive. The package on this vehicle includes the exterior upgrades and higher performance. About the interior changes, not yet exactly clear but yet we can see the light changes on the doors and stitches on the Sporty seats.

BMW X5 M Manhart Tuned

Improved Powertrain

The original BMW has a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. But now with the upgrades it has also a new turbo kit which has larger intercooler. Also, the engine software is not just re mapped for the new condition, but also to adjust the combustion cycle.

BMW X5 M Manhart

Better Exhaust System

This big SUV need Big Exhaust System too. So, don’t get surprised to see a stainless-steel rear muffler with a valve control function and four 100-millimeter carbon or ceramic-coated tailpipes. These parts are so essential for the tuned car.

Also, Manhart has an offer for Race downpipe for those that need the car for special reason as in this package there is no room for the catalytic converters and the gasoline particulate filter, so the gas emission is high.

Manhart BMW X5 M

What You Gain From Manhart

Therefore, the result of these efforts is the 823-horsepower output and the 1,080 nm of torque. Beside all of the new functions, the All-Wheel Drive System is connected to a revised eight-speed automatic gearbox. There is no submitted number of top speed and acceleration by Manhart, but with the features above what could be expected is a smaller number of 3.8 second 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time record which is written for the Based Model.

Also, we can’t ignore the big 22-inch forged rims fitted with 295/30 tires. The suspension has been lowered too. Its now about 30 mm nearer to the ground. The stripes on the front grille and big logo of MANHART are there to shout the name out, but still the big edgy grill of this SUV simply says, “hey I’m BMW”.

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