Huawei And Changan Auto To Launch A New Car Brand In 2021

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According to reliable sources, the first car made by the Chinese technology company (meaning Huawei), Changan Auto and CATL’s brand will be added to the industry in 2021. Apparently, this new car will be designed and built based on the Ark architecture or will be positioned as a mid-sized pure electric SUV. The internal code name of the unknown model of this new brand is E11.

The Changan Automobile Brand Day was held on November 14 and at the event Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile stated,

Changan Automobile will jointly build a new high-end smart car brand and high-end products with Huawei and CATL

Changan Auto, Huawei and CALT Co-operation

He also showcased a new logo as he presented the “Ark” product architecture. Zhu Huarong also stated that Changan Automobile has plans to offer 150 different vehicles to the market, which include 23 energy cars, in the next five years.

Zhu Huarong briefly demonstrated future forms for the future vehicles to come. He said that there will be mobile multifunctional spaces, large-scale intelligent terminals, data collection carriers, and energy storage units. Later on, the well-known Chinese technology firm, Huawei, and CALT will join Changan Auto as they will co-operate in order to design, build and distribute advanced and futuristic products.

According to the news spreading around, Changan Auto has made a new carbon fiber-aluminum alloy hybrid structure body recently. Apparently, this new structure will be used for this mysterious model as it showcases and provides the car with a lightweight body function. Judging from another source, Changan Auto is trying to recruit suppliers for the E11 project development, so the work has already begun.

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