Happy Ox’s New Year For Geely With Its Guinness Word Record

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Its Chinese New Year. this traditional event for china is very important. Also, every year has a very specific name which are based on the zodiac symbols. The symbol of 2021 is the Ox. This event made Geely to do some thing special and also immortal (just for years). So, if you see the name of this Chinese company in the Guinness Word Record book don’t be surprised.

geely world record

Having a Guinness Word Record, needs a very unique Idea, and Geely had it. In the 31th of December 2020, a total of 750 Geely Emgrand cars, also known as Dihao in China and after more than 30 hours, a huge Ox’s head is made. This is now the largest Car Mosaic (Image).

geely worlds record

Moreover, othere Emgrands has completed the puzzle with the 2021 and the Chinese word to celebrate the new year, the year of wealthy and healthy. The aera of this art is measured to be about 7,070.26 square meters. And this big Oxy has break the World Records.

By the way, every contest has some rules too. As the records guidelines reveals, the mosaic should be entirely made up of cars that form a recognizable pattern when viewed from above. The distance between the cars should not exceed 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) as well, and the whole mosaic should cover a minimum area of 3,000 sq. m.

geely world record

This is not the first time that a automaker puts its name on the Guinness Word Records. Recently we were witness of the medal of the longest EV drift on the Porsche Taycan. Its drift was for a total distance of 42.171 kilometers for about one hour with the speed of 46 km/h. or even another fame for Jussi Kallioniemi who pushed his 2006 Saab SUV through the” fastest time to push a car to one mile” in 13 minutes and 26 seconds.

geely Guinness world record

Want your name on Guinness, just do something which no one has ever done, even so foolish.

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