Ford Mustang Plant Halts Production Over Gas Leak

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Ford Motor Company's Flat Rock Assembly Plant, which manufactures the Mustang, suspended production last week owing to an inquiry into a gas leak.

While manufacturing at the aforementioned facility had already been halted due to the Labor Day weekend, Ford opted to prolong the holiday until at least Friday.

The downtime will be utilized to investigate the gas leak and assist neighbors who were evacuated as a result of the issue. Last week, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency in Flat Rock owing to benzene found in the city's sanitary system.

According to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, high levels of benzene, which is found in gasoline sold in the United States, have been detected within a 4-square-mile perimeter that includes areas south of Vreeland Road, east of Cahill Road, north of Woodruff Road, and west of Interstate 75.

Ford has identified the source of the leaking gases as a conduit that supplies gasoline to vehicles manufactured at the facility. The factory, according to the business, is still safe for its remaining employees. In addition, the firm decides to prioritize resolving the underlying issue and assisting the impacted community.

Production will not restart until the end of the week, and they will be concerned as the weekend approaches.

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