BMW X6 M By Carlex Design

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Carlex Design has revealed its latest tuning project based on the latest BMW X6 M. Although Carlex hasn't altered the SUV's performance, this package is unique because of the many aesthetic improvements. This project began with Carlex, which is best recognized for updating and redesigning the interiors of high-end automobiles.

Bright orange leather that Carlex claims is the same color leather that Lamborghini offers its clients is adorning the seats, transmission tunnel, center console, gear selector, steering wheel, and the majority of the dashboard. A few blue details and piping, especially across the seats, help to muffle the brilliant leather.


The pillars and headliner have also been covered in soft-touch Alcantara trim, which further enhances the X6 M's opulent appearance. The addition of a distinctive body kit outside the interior is the most noticeable change. It includes numerous new carbon fiber components, including those for the air intakes, kidney grilles, and rear fascia.

A new splitter, side skirts, and rear lip spoiler were also added by Carlex. Although we are unsure of their technical effect on the racetrack, these pieces offer the X6 a highly athletic and powerful appearance.


As was stated at the outset, the tuner hasn't boosted the output, but that doesn't mean the X isn't a quick vehicle. The 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 in the X6 produces 617 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque, giving it performance more akin to super sports cars than an SUV.

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