BMW iX Is On The Way, Could Be A Tesla Killer

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It has been reported that the Bavarian automaker is going to reveal a new fully electric SUV by the next week that is known as iX or iNext. While there is no clear image of the car, our guys at has made a digital render of it that gives you a better image.

It is said that the new electric SUV will cost about $100k that shows it is going to be the flagship electric SUV for the BMW. just for comparison, it is worth to know that the new BMW X5 costs $82k on the M50i variant.

The new BMW iX will take on the Tesla Model X. The American rival costs $95k for the Performance variant.

While there is no technical detail about the BMW iX yet but BMW mentioned that it will be available with different driving range options that vary between 400 to 600 km. Some reports say that there are going to be three different engine options with 308 hp, 522 hp, and 610 hp. The 308 hp model which is a base variant is a single motor car so it doesn't have any sort of AWD system but other models are dual-motor so they feature an AWD system.

If BMW unveils the iX by the next week we can expect to see the electric SUV in the U.S. market by the end of 2021.

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reza shirazian
March 31, 2021

i am interested to get more info to buy this car this year.where i can find it. grapevine texas.