BMW Group Purchasing To Develop More Sustained Products And The Future Of E-Mobility

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BMW is trying to become a greener and more sustained automaker every day. It is planning a new future with more e-mobility. The less CO2 BMW products produce, the more valuable the brand will be.

Dr Andreas Wendt, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network says,

”We believe sustainability is an integral part of all purchasing activities. So, as we accommodate the planned growth in electrified vehicles in the supplier network, we are at the same time integrating our sustainability requirements into all contract awards. In this way, we are taking sustainable development to the next level. Particularly as a premium manufacturer, we aspire to lead the way in sustainability and take responsibility.”

BMW Group Purchasing department

According to the company, more than seven million electric vehicles will be offered to the market by 2030. The ever-growing demand for electric vehicles will increase the need of special parts and components. So, the company is planning to accommodate the need.

The brand will focus on expanding the sustainability of its products as well as growing in the e-mobility phase. The group has reduced the usage of raw materials in order to reduce the amount of cobalt in the cathode. That’s what happened for the current fifth-generation battery cells. Another reason for casting the raw materials aside is avoiding child labor and other human rights challenges.

Wendt says:

As well as guaranteeing predictable pricing, this enables us to anchor our sustainability standards in contracts and ensure cobalt and lithium are mined and processed in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. We saw this for ourselves when we inspected mines in Australia and Morocco

The BMW Group feels responsible and tries to offer solutions in order to solve environmental issues and respect the human rights. That is why it wants to plan a way to manage the finite resources.

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