Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm New Rendering, Alfa or Ferrari?

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This year on March, Alfa revealed its new sedan, Giulia GTAm. This car is a four-door super sedan but with just two seats, six-point harnesses, and roll bar. Four doors and two seats seem somehow weird. But how we can take less advantage of the cars space? By locating the engine in the middle of the car! that means, engine will occupy the trunk space

Now Carlifestyle on Facebook, tried to do some efforts on the Giulia GTA. They have published new rendering on their Facebook. In this rendering the engine is assumed to be installed in the middle. When you see this car, there is no surprise to have some sense of deja vu. The Alfa’s basis is the Ferrari 488 Pista. the resemblances in the greenhouse and rear fenders with the intakes are so clear. But what are changed are the front and rear which are at least like GTAm.

front view of GTAm

If Giulia GTA’s cover is not still tangible, just imagine a Ferrari with a mask which the photo of Giulia’s sporty frond end is printed on it. In this rendering by focusing on the triangular grille, the original identity of the car is bolded.

Although after offering a upgrade by the company for this vehicle and having a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine which has an output of 533 horsepower, but for the mid-engine version, would not produce enough mph. Pista give 711 hp (350 kW) power and if Alfa wants to makes its car more similar to its target, definitely the engine needs and upgrade.

By the way for the sedan model of this vehicle, Akrapovič exhaust system was assumed to be used . this titanium exhaust has a pair of circular outlets at the center of the revised rear bumper. Now by changing the engines place, new exhaust system should be designed to leads the combustion gases out.

Thankfully, mid-engine Alfa Romeo is just an imagination of a creative mind and won’t happen soon. As the FCA CEO, Mike Manley claimed, this company wants to manage the company’s income so they what to reduce the spends. Which could mean that the GTV and mid-engine V8 is not yet on the plan to be produced.

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