Honda Accord Review, the Favorable Japanese Sedan

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Japanese vehicles are amongst the coolest vehicles out there but this was not always the case with them. The fact is JDM vehicles used to be produced based on restrictive Japanese automotive and federal rules making them not suitable and desirable to many people.

Since 1970’s JDM carmakers found grounds to prove themselves to the world by entering North American car market to sell their own definition of vehicles. Selling in North America means to follow tough American standards and taste. Through time JDM vehicles evolved under pressure of American standards into what they are today.

Honda Accord first came in in 1976. The first three generation Accords were compact cars but since 1990, came the fourth generation and it turned into a midsize car and started to gain popularity worldwide. So far Honda Accord is on production experiencing its tenth generation since 2018.


The tenth generation Honda Accord is more aggressive in exterior design following Honda’s new design language used in all recent models offered globally. The new design is bigger in exterior sized and more eye catching especially if compared to the previous mild-looking generation. Honda Accords offered in USA comes in sixth different trim levels four of which could be ordered as hybrid. All tenth generation Honda Accords available in USA are unlike previous generation, in Sedan configuration only.

2021 Honda Accord Interior

The Body In White (BIW) of the Honda Accord is made by aluminum in some major parts including the whole front subframe to increase rigidity and reduce weight. %57 of the body is made from high strength steel including %29 ultra-high-strength grades. For the first time in Accord’s history there were structural adhesive (115 ft) used to bond unibody parts to gather. The whole new unibody is now 42 pounds lighter than before while rigidity is notably improved.

The engine choice for gasoline-only versions are two Inline-4 turbo engines. One 1.5L direct injection 10.3:1 compression ratio is rated at 192 hp and 192lb.ft with 20.2 psi boost pressure. The more powerful 2.0L direct injection is rated at notable 252 hp and 273 lb.ft and that’s only with 9.8:1 compression ratio and 20.8 psi boost pressure.

Hybrid versions of Honda Accord are powered by a 2.0L naturally aspirated port injection 13.5:1 compression ratio rated at 143 hp and 129 lb.ft along with a AC synchronous permanent magnet electric motor rated at 181 hp and 232 lb,ft. when combined in hybrid mode the total power output is 212 horsepower.

2021 Honda Accord

Transmission options include one manual and three automatics. The 6 speed manual transmission is offered for 1.5L turbo and 2.0L turbo sport trims only. A CVT automatic is available for the 1.5L turbo engine but not the 2.0L turbo. A 10 speed automatic transmission is only offered for the 2.0L turbo which is 10 KG lighter than the previous 6 speed automatic. Power-Split hybrid Accords are only offered with electronic CVT automatic.


In 2019 Honda Accord passed NHTSA’s safety tests with flying colors and received “Top Safety Pick” award. The very same year it also won “2019 American-Made Index Top 15” from, “Best Family Sedan”, “Editor’s Choice: Best Sedan” and “Buyers Most Wanted” awards from Edmunds, “2019 Residual Value Award” from ALG, as well as “Best Midsize Car for Families” from US News and World Report.

So far in 2020 Honda Accord has won “Best Buy: Midsize Car” from Kelley Blue Book and “10 Best Cars” from Car and Driver magazine.

There are a lot of technologies that come standard with Accord which their equals on the powerful rival, the Toyota Camry, are mostly optional or even not available and Honda is well proud of them. To mention some of them we must name more powerful engine, more space for passengers, dual-zone automatic climate control, push button start, road departure mitigation system (RDM) and adaptive cruise control (ACC) with low-speed follow.

Honda Accord Pricing

Honda Accord is Honda’s second best-selling model in the first quarter of 2020 in USA after the smaller counterpart, Civic. Starting MSRP for 2020 Honda Accord in USA starts at 24,020 USD for the lowest LX trim which can be ordered only 1.5L turbo engine and goes as high as 36,250 USD for top of the ladder Touring trim available with either 2.0L turbo or Hybrid drivetrain.

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